Best Tips for Lowering Colon Cancer Risk with Perfect Food Choices

Colon cancer severely affects a person’s rectum, color, or overall intestine. Not only in Singapore, but colorectal cancer also categorized the third most typical type of cancer, both men and women in the world. According to the experts and medical researchers, a healthy balanced diet with the perfect food choices, ideal body weight, and regular physical activity enables to lower the risk of colon cancer. In this article, you may receive proper guidelines to prevent or reduce the risk of colon cancer by the right meal plan with the appropriate foods.

Best Food Choices for Lowering Your Colon Cancer Risk

The people of Singapore or any first world country can easily maintain a proper healthy balanced diet to lower the risk of colon cancer. To prevent the risk of colorectal cancer, you need to intake the following foods on your daily routine.

  • Dairy Foods: According to recent studies, the calcium-rich foods with dairy products reduce the risk of sudden growths (called adenomas) of colorectal cancer. Thus, you must add milk, yogurt, and vitamin D resources dairy items on your regular meal plan to protect against colon cancer.
  • Whole-Grains: The whole grains foods (oatmeal, brown rice, and wheat bread) contain the right amount of nutrients, magnesium, and fiber. All these foods maintain a healthy bowel movement and keep your overall intestine fit.
  • Beans: Beans and legumes (soybeans, peas & lentils) include a large portion of fiber, protein, vitamin B, and E. The flavonoids and antioxidants found in beans and legumes may help to protect you from colon cancer. You can take one cup of bean soups or black-bean dishes regularly. 
  • Multi-Colored Fruits and Vegetables: The various types of colorful fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, which are preventive enough to fight with cancer cells and inflammation in the body. Never forget to keep fruits and vegetables in your daily food routine.
  • Fishes: Many healthy fishes, especially salmons, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are best to slow down the progress of colon cancer in the body. The doctors suggest eating 80-100g of fish on your daily diet plan to make your health well.

The Lists of Foods to Control Portion or Eat Limited to Prevent Colon Cancer Risk

  • Red meats: By the scientific researches, the regular too much consumption of red meats (beef, lamb, and pork) can be a significant cause of colorectal cancer. The red meats itself contain cancer-causing substances when it is cooked with high heats or temperature. Therefore, you can eat read meats once in a week or not more than 18 ounces weekly.
  • Processed Foods and Meats: All the processed foods and meats are smoked, salted, and preserved with chemicals. The regular consumption of fast foods, like hot dogs, bacon, ham, burgers, nuggets, sausages, and others, can increase the chance of cancer cells and stomach health. 
  • Alcohol:  The everyday alcohol drinking habit may increase up to 20-40% risk of growing colon cancer risk to your body. It is ideal for drinking alcohol once in a while. The doctors advise avoiding alcohol totally to be risk-free from the growth of colon cancer.
  • Sugary & Starch Items, Extreme Caffeine, and Beverages: The eating of sugary foods & starch items, too much intake of caffeine, soft drinks, sweetened juices, and beverages also cause the development of colon cancer cells in the body. Therefore, you need to control portion or take a small amount of these foods occasionally to lead a colon-cancer free life.

As a consequence, it is not too difficult to prevent the risk of colon cancer by maintaining the best food practices every day. If you belong from Singapore, or any Asian Country, or 1st-grade country or whatever in any region, the dietary plans with right foods selection are the same for lowering the risk of colon cancer with foods.

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