Proper Guidelines for Lowering Colon Cancer Risk with Best Exercises

Not even Asian countries like Singapore to Japan, colon cancer risk becomes a panic in the world. Colorectal cancer is now a third common cancer worldwide. The burning question is, “how to prevent colon cancer risk naturally? In this case, the medical professionals of the International Cancer Institute in the USA reveal that the regular physical activities and the top exercises are best for lowering 30% colon cancer risks.

How Exercises Help to Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer?

Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are the primary reasons behind colon cancer. According to researches, the people who do regular exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle with perfect weight enable them to reduce the risks of colorectal cancer in comparison with those who do not. According to many studies, if the grown-up people improve their physical exercise in intensity, time and frequency gradually can lower the risk of the progression of the colon cancer up to 30-40% than the physically inactive people. Therefore, daily exercises are essential for all ages people to improve their colon health and prevent all colon-related and gastrointestinal diseases.

 The exercises can influence for lowering colon cancer risks in the following best ways-

  • The regular exercises are efficient enough to improve the gastrointestinal system by developing blood circulation in the body.
  • Exercise plays a significant role in balancing energy, hormones, and body metabolism.
  • The physical activities decrease the growth of colon cancer cells.
  • Overall, the daily exercises regime the immunity system of the body to fight with colon cancer.

The Best Exercise Plans (Intensity & Duration) for Different Ages People:

The exercise category, intensity, and duration vary from person to person. Mainly, exercise classification differs due to the differentiation of ages among the people. Thus, everyone needs to consult a doctor before the selection of any exercise for them. Generally, the physicians prefer to follow 30-60 minutes of exercise 5 days in a week with moderate speed to maintain your colon health healthy. Walking, swimming, jogging, running, yoga, skipping, and hiking are the best practices for the prevention of colorectal cancer.

How Physical Exercises Aid for the Colon Cancer Survivals after Treatment?

The newly invented researches recommend the patients who have been treated for colon cancer can lower the risk of recurrence of cancer cells. They can decrease the chances of recurrent cancer cells by up to 50% by maintaining regular moderate exercise plans.

Even the stage-3 colon cancer sufferers (after surgery and follow-up chemotherapy patients) also decrease the risk of regaining cancer cells by doing moderate walking regularly, according to several case studies and colon cancer examinations. As a result, the consistency of daily physical workout is the topmost medicine to prevent the risk of newly generated or recurrent colon cancer, naturally.

From the above discussion, the medical experts recommend maintaining a well systematic digestive and colon health by performing moderate to high intense physical workout for lowering your colon cancer risk with exercises (suitable for your age and physical condition).

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